Maintaining the Health of Ponds and Private Lakes With Floating Fountains

Floating lake and pond fountains are important for maintaining the health of these water features when there is no other type of circulation. They have several functions in addition to enhancing the aesthetic beauty of the pond or lake in a residential setting, at a golf course, on a corporate campus or anywhere else.

Important Functions

Good water quality is maintained through aeration. Stagnant water becomes a breeding ground for mosquitoes and unwanted plant growth, such as algae blooms on the surface. The negative effects of storm water runoff are reduced by beneficial microbial activity that is a result of aeration. Excessive nutrients can land in the water during heavy rain, a result of fertilizers applied to grass and plants as well as natural fertilizer from animals depositing their waste.

Aesthetic Considerations

A broad range of spray patterns are available with the different devices, although this generally doesn’t affect the quality of the aeration. Instead, it allows customers of companies like Living Water Aeration to choose the design that looks most appealing. Some of the equipment has more than one pattern, so the designs can be rotated as desired.

The base of the fountain can be above or below the surface, which creates different spray effects. The base is unobtrusive enough that it doesn’t detract from the loveliness of the fountain. A variety of lighting can be purchased too.

People enjoying the beauty of the water tend to find fascination with the floating fountains, wondering how in the world these machines know where to travel next as they move around the pond. Parents will find that their young children love to sit and watch, mesmerized as the fountains head toward them, then turn and go off in another direction.

No Worries

Property owners who feel clueless about fountains along with people who don’t have much money to spend need not worry. A little aeration is better than none. Also, it’s almost impossible to run fountains in a way that harms aquatic creatures or water quality. Fish can live in whitewater rivers that tumble and flow in rapids; they certainly have no trouble with fountain spray.