Making the Most Out of Your Backyard

When you purchase a home, it doesn’t matter if it is used or new construction, the size of the yard is a significant consideration. The larger the yard that you have with your home, the more room you will have to entertain. Entertainment can come in many forms, and not all of it includes a large crowd. Installing any wooden sheds in your backyard provides a variety of uses for every member of your home. These uses can range from practical to entertaining.

Supply Shed

When purchasing a home, in addition to your large backyard a double car garage can be nice. This is not just to give you additional space for your tools. Instead, move your tools down to your shed in your back yard and regain the use of your garage as a place to keep both cars. For those of you with a large number of tools that you prefer to use in the winter, create a second storage shed to organize your tools and other equipment you have. Seasonal items such as snow shovels, lawn mowers and pool supplies are commonly stored in these as well.


Many of us use to have forts and tree houses when we were kids. Looking back, there were quite a few impressive injuries getting into those tree houses. This is why replacing the fort with a grounded Playhouse is an idea. This will allow you to avoid those climbing injuries. Duck inside the playhouse to do some writing or painting and you will have your own form of privacy to escape your family. Keep a few iPads in the corners of the room to replace television in your outdoor shed. Take some time and decorate your playhouse in the family to keep your family together using your favorite NFL team as the theme. A couple chairs and a table convert that shed into the start of elegant dining options for your daughter.

In-law Suite

With the popularity of tiny houses, why not come up with tiny in-law suites. A decent size shed such as a twenty by twenty-one isn’t much smaller than many hotel rooms. You can get a small bed in there, along with a television. This will give your in-laws a little privacy away from prying eyes when they visit. Not only that, but it’ll provide them a room to escape to, when your house of children becomes just a little too noisy for them. When they leave you can convert it to one of the other uses or keep it as it is and escape into it yourself.

Sheds are not expensive. Handle the decorating and assembly of them yourself if you wish to reduce their overall cost. The privacy and entertainment options are just a few choices for your shed. If you have enough room in your backyard setting up several wood sheds will help you keep everyone happy. That little bit of privacy a wood shed offers might even encourage your in-laws to visit more frequently.